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Storage Tips

We understand how overwhelming moving to a different home or office can be. So, those of us at C&C Storage put our heads together and compiled a list of storage tips based on our own experience and that of our customers. We hope you find them useful!



  • Leave the heavy objects toward the bottom.
  • Label boxes on both the top and sides.
  • Wrap items separately prior to storing in boxes. Bubble wrap, linens, or paper are recommended.
  • Never store live animals, combustibles (paint, chemicals, toxic materials), or perishable items such as food or seeds.
  • Remember to drain fuel from gasoline engines before storing.
  • Leave appliance and equipment doors slightly ajar. Drain your washing machine and defrost your fridge/freezer.
  • For clothing, use wardrobe boxes that allow you to hang them and save the shape of garments. Leave smaller garments in drawers.
  • If possible, put smaller appliances in their original boxes.
  • Fill in empty spaces with paper to prevent boxes from folding.


  • Don’t lean stored property against the walls of your unit. Whenever possible, store all boxes on wooden pallets or boards.
  • Don’t stack boxes so high that getting to them becomes dangerous or overly time consuming.
  • Leave an aisle down the middle of your unit so that boxes and other items can be easily seen and identified.
  • Make a complete list of all goods stored. Keep sales receipts, proofs of purchase, and warranties to prove ownership.
  • Take furniture apart to optimize space. Any bolts, screws, or parts should be put in a plastic bag and taped to the underside of table tops.
  • Chairs should be stacked seat to seat with paper or cloth between them.
  • Use protective covers.
  • Always use high quality locks on your unit.
  • You have sole responsibility for the goods you place in storage. Check with your insurance carrier for coverage, or ask a storage consultant for a list of low cost providers. Remember: if it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring.


Drive Up: This is a storage unit that is located so that you can pull up to its door – just as if it was your own garage. Drive up units allow you to load and unload your items very easily.

Roll Up Door vs. Swing Door: A swing door unit is similar to a walk-in closet. It provides an effortless motion to access your belongings. A rollup door opens like a garage door, and allows you to maximize the usage of your space.

Disc Lock: You can purchase a new lock at your local storage facility. This type of lock has a round housing that covers most of the dead bolt, giving it the highest level of security.

Office Hours vs. Gate hours: The office hours are the facility’s hours of operation, during which there will be a Storage Consultant ready to assist you with your storage needs. The gate hours determine the time frame in which you may access the facility.

Gate Coded Access: The individually assigned gate code allows the staff to monitor the entrance and exit of vehicles to the facility.

Dollies / Push Carts: These handy tools facilitate the loading and unloading of your belongings. You will find these at most facilities. Just ask your Storage Consultant and they will be happy to assist you.

On-Site Manager: This means that an employee has an apartment on the facility. Facilities with an on-site Manager are generally safer and cleaner than those without one.



  • Read your agreement for termination and payment regulations.
  • Be informed of facility rules and regulations.
  • Make note of your payment due date. Check that prorated rental periods are covered.
  • Never store perishable items in unit, such as food or seeds.


Facility Highlights

  • Friendly, Caring Service
  • Clean and Neat Facility
  • Individual Door Alarms
  • Security Cameras
  • Gated Access
  • 7 Day/365 Day Access
  • Resident Manager
  • Security Lighting & Fencing
  • Commercial & Residential Use
  • Wide Aisles For Trucks
  • 6 Months and Yearly Discounts
  • RV & Boat Storage
  • Visa & MC Accepted
  • Auto-pay Available
  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Daily Lock Checks